Board of Directors

As a cooperative (under Wisconsin law), we exist to give members a voice, always having a say in organizational and financial decision-making. We remain true to our roots as a nonprofit cooperative and are operated by our members through a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is made up of and elected by members so that member needs are always the priority.



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Tonni Larson
Tonni Larson, Board Chair
Amy Murphy
Amy Murphy, Vice Chair
Kevin Gilligan
Kevin Gilligan, Secretary/Treasurer
Will Kort
Will Kort, Board Member
Dean Schadrie
Dean Schadrie, Board Member
David Stram, Board Member
Michael Winkler
Michael Winkler, Board Member
Becky Tuchscherer, Board Member
Cheryl Thomas
Cheryl Thomas, Board Member

Non-voting Board Members

John Maglio
John Maglio, Non-voting Board Member
Jim Wesp
Jim Wesp, Non-voting Board Member