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We’re making health insurance an honest business.

Join the movement to pursuing better healthcare. We’re one of the largest and most tenured Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual health insurers in the state of Wisconsin. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you.

When did giving a straight answer go out of fashion? When did fairness become optional? When did the system get more important than the people it serves?


At Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, honesty never takes a backseat. We value principles over profits and human interactions over transactions.


We choose to be human beings first. To have an open dialogue with our members. To create clear and transparent policies. To act with integrity and speak the truth. Always.


We’re challenging the status quo and making health insurance an honest business. We invite you to join us.

What’s New?

  • If you're not sure how to make a one time payment on our member, use this short, 3-minute video to help!

  • To avoid surprise charges, it is also important to understand that “preventive care” is care that is provided to help prevent future illness when you don’t have any history, current symptoms or other

  • Preventive care means medical services that focus on preventing disease and evaluating a person’s current state of health.

  • A grace period is a set period of time that CGHC will give you to pay your premium payments before your coverage is terminated.

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