Let’s Get Organized!

How many times have you needed to find something in a hurry, only to tear through several rooms and end up empty-handed? Or maybe you wanted a receipt or an owner’s manual and had to dig through piles of paperwork for an hour before locating it? Do you ever run out of toothpaste because you didn’t know you were out?

Being organized and maintaining it is a way to achieve success. Organized people usually face fewer obstacles and stress in their lives. And that can result in better health. When you’ve arranged everything, can find things when you need them, and can concentrate on the work you have to do, life becomes simpler.


Are you ready for a more organized lifestyle? Let’s get started!


Have a vision. Imagine a closet that lets you find anything or a kitchen that lets you reach everything without hassle. Plan how you want that space to look and when you want to finish it before you start. For some projects, you may also want to record your tasks and goals for later.


Start Small. Taking on one area at a time makes the project more manageable and allows you to work at your pace. Finishing one section gives you a sense of completion and allows you to create a process you can apply more broadly. So, identify your top priority and dive in.


Use vs. Store. Do you have rarely used items laying around? If so, there’s no reason they should occupy prime real estate. Store seasonal clothing in storage bins in the basement, not in your dresser. Do the same with those tablecloths and summer serving dishes you use once a year. Use your kitchen cabinets and other prominent spaces for those items you use on a frequent basis.


Containers are your friend. Storage bins, trays and bags are an easy way to neatly organize, protect and store household items. Clearly label your bins and stack them for easy access. Or sort daily items in small containers or baskets that are attractive and keep everything nice and tidy. This is a great idea for children who have lots of small toys, plus it teaches them to organize at an early age.


Get others involved! Chances are that others are also experiencing (and contributing to) some of the disorganization in your home. It’s time to recruit some help! Have each family member take responsibility for their space as well as common spaces. Sort, pack, and move together and then discuss your future plan for staying organized.


Declutter other spaces. Remove all the clutter from your desk – and your inbox. If you can’t read your mail right away, place it in a tray or bin until you have time. Organize receipts the same way so they’re not lying around, and you can find them if necessary. Enjoy livable situations free of messes and uncompleted tasks that slow you down.


Develop a routine. Once everything is organized, develop a routine so you don’t end up back at square one. Start a habit of putting things away or cleaning up repeat clutter. Set weekly or monthly reminders to tidy up so you can stay on track. Check in with the kids and ask them to show how they keep their toys and clothing organized.


Every organized space means more than just neatness; it means you’re ready for success, health, and happiness. Let’s live an organized life and enjoy how clear and efficient it makes things. Here’s to a brighter future with organization.





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