Our Cooperative History

In 2012, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative was founded when a group of like-minded community leaders answered the call to create a different kind of health insurance company. One intended to be more responsive to the needs of individuals, families, and small employers.


As a cooperative (under Wisconsin law), we exist to give members a voice, always having a say in organizational and financial decision-making. We remain true to our roots as a nonprofit cooperative and are operated by our members through a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is made up of and elected by members so that member needs are always the priority.

Putting Members First.

As a nonprofit cooperative, we are not motivated to raise prices to make more money. In fact, any money we make is returned to our members through lower prices and improved services.


We are all working toward the same goals, which helps build a strong bond between people in the cooperative. Keeping members healthy and making health care as affordable as possible is what motivates us.

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Pursuing Better Healthcare.

Since 2012, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative has grown and evolved into the strong cooperative we know today. Every day, the cornerstone of our work is to provide the best experience for members in the present while also paving the way for better healthcare in the future.


Through advocacy, partnership, and innovation, we strive to make health insurance a personal, honest, and compassionate business. Your feedback and uniqueness support this work as we charge forward, changing the healthcare system in Wisconsin for the better.

10 Year Anniversary.

The creation and sustainability of Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative would not be possible without the tireless efforts of so many. We thank our former and current Board of Directors and staff, our provider partners, and our vendor partners for your support over the last 10 years.


Most importantly, we thank our members. We exist for you and you alone.