Healthy Eating Trends

Good nutrition is a must – but do you follow the latest nutritional trends? Each year, experts predict new trends based on the latest online data and research. These can give you inspiration and ideas for good, healthy eating or possibly even meet one of your dietary needs. Check out these trendy, healthy lifestyle choices for 2024.


  • Plant-based diets – Right now, plant-based diets are all the rage right now with studies showing health advantages compared to omnivorous diets. Online searches for these diets are also up and experts are predicting higher consumer expectations with “real” plant-based items such as wholesome vegetables, nuts and seeds rather than ultra-processed plant-based alternatives. Still, making the switch to a plant-based diet should be done gradually and potentially with help from a healthcare provider.


  • Protein – There’s been a lot of interest in protein recently, especially in plant-based options. This year, fish is expected to rise in popularity as companies find more ways to make it easier to consume. Of course, proteins from other meats, eggs and milk are also significant sources of protein. Older individuals often have a protein gap and could benefit from this trend, as well as those trying to lose weight and develop muscle strength.


  • Sustainability – With plant-based diets, sustainable packaging, recycling and composting, our food supply has become a strong source of sustainability. Food waste has also become a concern with new ideas circulating on how to use scraps to make food last longer. Tips include adding plant-based options to your diet, purchasing produce locally, and minimizing overbuying of food.


  • Gut health – Interest in gut health has steadily risen as people realize the impact on numerous parts of the body, including the brain which affects your mood. Beneficial bacteria can produce “feel-good hormones” that heavily influence this. Focus on foods with prebiotic fiber such as bananas, asparagus, garlic and oats.


  • Hydration – There was a significant interest in articles on hydration last year, as the impact on physical and mental health became more apparent. The benefits of drinking water are well-documented, but prebiotic and probiotic sodas and drinks with added health benefits are trending up. Mocktails (non-alcoholic drinks) are also more popular and provide a healthier social option when compared to traditional alcoholic beverages.


As we explore the latest health trends, it’s clear that our approach to well-being is evolving. From the popularity of plant-based diets to the emphasis on sustainability and gut health, each trend offers a pathway to better overall health. Choosing protein-rich foods and innovative hydration options reflects our growing awareness of nutrition’s impact on our lives. Let’s embrace these trends mindfully, finding balance and nourishment in our daily choices.



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