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Understanding Virtual Healthcare Options

Accessing healthcare virtually has become an important part of our daily lives. There are so many references to virtual healthcare, but we want to make sure members know exactly what type of healthcare you’re using and the associated costs.

Many terms are used, but they all fall under the broad umbrella, telehealth. Telehealth is the use of telephone/virtual technology for healthcare when you and your provider are not physically together.

We hope members can generalize these guidelines to the types of services you’re using, so you’re able to estimate costs. Many times, members can understand how their service will be billed based on whether or not their visit was scheduled.

Unscheduled Visit: you did not schedule this visit ahead of time, and you utilized virtual services on-demand.

  • Not scheduled ahead of time with a specific provider
  • Generally, treated like a Quick Care, Fast Care, or “On Demand” visit
  • Typically less expensive than a scheduled telehealth visit

Scheduled Visit: you scheduled this visit ahead of time and chose the provider or specialist for this visit

  • Scheduled ahead of time with a specific provider
  • Generally, treated like a Primary Care Provider (PCP) or Specialist visit
  • Typically billed like an in-person visit with your provider, and more expensive than an unscheduled telehealth visit

These telehealth options are different than our online virtual clinic, Virtuwell.

All members have access to Virtuwell, as part of our provider network. Offerings from our other provider partners are completely separate from this online clinic.

  • 24/7/365 online care available through Virtuwell.com
  • The first 10 visits are FREE to most CGHC members (HSA plan members have to pay the deductible/coinsurance billed amount due to federal regulations)
  • Complete the online survey and get a response from a board-certified Nurse Practitioner within the hour who can diagnose and prescribe, if necessary


As stated above, our provider partners each have their own telehealth options as well! Some are listed below:

Aurora Health Care: Find your options online at https://www.advocateaurorahealth.org/virtual-visits

  • Unscheduled visit: Quick Care Video Visit AND E-Visit
  • Scheduled Visit: Video Visit with your provider

Bellin Health: Find your options at https://www.bellin.org/appointments-registration/mybellinhealth/virtual-visits

  • Unscheduled visit: E-visit
  • Scheduled visit: Video Visit (scheduled with your provider)

ThedaCare: Find your options at https://www.thedacare.org/Medical-Team/evisits.aspx

  • Unscheduled Visit: E-Visit
  • Scheduled Visit: Video Visit with your provider


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