Erin Kenneke

Erin Kenneke is a 5th generation dairy farmer, and farms with her family, and her husband AJ and daughter, Claire. Erin has a B.S. in Agriculture from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a strong advocate of the cooperative business model.

“In a volatile market, having your health insurance company on your side is crucial. I believe that by keeping the cooperative financially strong, we can ensure that it will serve us for years to come. I am passionate about serving the CGHC board because I want to help you, the members, receive affordable and high-quality health insurance through a cooperative that cares about you- and that is in your control.

On the farm, I am involved in production, but also in budgeting, human resources, training, and troubleshooting- in addition to being a member of many agricultural cooperatives. In a time when both the dairy industry and health insurance is operating through slim margins, I embrace the challenges that lie ahead. I hope to bring this experience to the board, and to continue to learn from other board members and Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative Staff.”