Board of Directors Election

Meet the candidates for this year’s Board of Directors election!

Four (4) seats need to be filled for this year’s CGHC Board of Directors election. Four incumbents (current Board Members) are running for re-election along with one new candidate. All are dedicated and talented CGHC members who will bring their experience and expertise to our Board.


Click on the photo of each candidate to see their relevant experience and statement about why they want to serve on the Board.

Tonni Larson is an Incumbent Board Member and a Retired President/CEO of a credit union.

Dean Schadrie

Dean Schadrie is an Incumbent Board Member and President/CEO, Beerntsen’s Confectionary, Inc.

and M.H. Dempsey LLC.

David Stram is an Incumbent Board Member and a Retired Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Cheryl Thomas is an Incumbent Board Member and Retired Human Resources Executive.

Joe Vanden Avond is a Candidate for the Board and a Funeral Home & Crematory Director.

All members who are 18 years and older are eligible to vote. Ballots will arrive in member homes no later than May 13, 2024. Choose four (4) candidates to represent you on our Board of Directors!