Janet Sargent

Relevant Experience:


  • Finance, accounting, and CPA
  • Employee Benefit Management, Board of Directors


Candidate Statement:


“As a seasoned Finance Executive, I will bring over 25 years of experience to the CGHC Board of Directors. This includes business and financial management, fiscal responsibility, benefits, and insurance administration. I have a passion for helping employees receive the best benefits available. I have broad experience in shopping out benefits and serving as a fiduciary for our employee benefit plans. I also serve as a management member on the collective bargaining committee that meets every three years.


I currently serve as the Secretary for the Board of Directors of my company and as the company’s CFO. I have experience presenting financial data to the board members, as well as all official secretary duties.


The thing that sets me apart from other candidates is my passion for offering non-group healthcare. I led our company through a difficult time in 2020 when our health insurance carrier raised our premiums by over 56%. This was not sustainable for our company. I researched other options and found that an Individual Health Reimbursement Account would provide our employees with excellent choices in health insurance. That option actually saved our company money. We are now in our third year of using the Healthcare.gov exchange. Our employees love it and so do the company owners. I personally chose Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative and have been very pleased with the many health plans offered. The customer service provided, the ease of paying premiums and access to my preferred doctors and clinics have been a positive experience. I would be honored to become a member of the CGHC board of directors and will work hard to bring excellent healthcare to the State of Wisconsin. I have the time and desire to be an active, involved, and resourceful board member.”