Cheryl Thomas

Relevant Experience:

  • CGHC Board of Directors since June 2023.
  • Human Resources, Strategic Advisory Services.
  • Board Committees, Performance , Compliance.


Candidate Statement: I am excited by the opportunity to continue working with the CGHC Board. I have deep experience and a personal desire to impact the quality, cost, and member experience of health insurance. My expertise in Human Resources (HR) includes employee benefits, compensation, communications, employee relations, recruiting, safety and security, succession planning, and talent management.


The first board I served on was for the Clara Abbott Foundation, which provided financial support to families in need. Over the years, I worked on, and with, a variety of boards with focuses on women’s leadership, public housing, nursing care, banking, insurance, and family business operations.


What I have learned about CGHC impresses me. I believe my professional experience and personal connection to the CGHC mission makes me a strong Board member. While my husband and I were fortunate to have jobs that provided high-quality, cost-effective insurance while raising our children, their experience was not the same. My children have struggled with the cost, quality, and access to services, including mental health services. I am also a caregiver for my elderly mother. She relies on me to navigate coverage and services, which are often complex and difficult for her to sort out on her own. As a current board member, I have served CGHC with enthusiasm for CGHC’s mission and vision. I believe I can continue to positively impact CGHC in the future.